NYTA is a charitable, non-profit, secular organization established in the State of New York, primarily to teach Tamil language to children and introducing the history and cultural values to them. Volunteers have been dedicating their time and efforts in teaching children in this area. Classes are held in schools, public libraries, private homes and other venues identified by the management as required.

NYTA classes are organized and run by volunteers. All of our teachers, organizers and administrators have dedicated their time to ensure that our classes run weekly and in with standards of the American Tamil Academy (ATA) curriculum and following the general guidelines of New York school system. NYTA is administered by its Executive Board.

Towards this purpose and to successfully continue to develop the school in New York, NYTA's volunteers have established the following goals for the organization.
- Provide a decent learning environment for the children in learning Tamil language.
- Establish a sustainable volunteer based organization and help to understand our students to the American values.
- Create an open, democratic organization structure to promote transparent decision making and sustainable progress.
- In addition to Tamil language learning, NYTA organizes various cultural and educational competitions for the students during mid and annual year functions.
- NYTA volunteers are contributing to American Tamil Academy (ATA) to design curriculum, lessons and text books.

Affliation to ATA

NYTA is affiliated with the American Tamil Academy's syllabus for the different levels of Tamil classes. More information about American Tamil Academy can be found at: http://www.amtaac.org. However the class teachers shall choose any best way to select a syllabus applicable to the level.

Location and Timings

NYTA classes are scheduled on a weekly basis. Classes are scheduled between 7-9PM every Friday at the Mills Pond Elementary School, 246 Moriches Road, Saint James, NY 11780. Every year's classes start during the first week of September and end the last week of May. Class schedules, holidays and reminders to these classes are sent via email or other social media (e.g. whatsapp) if you are subscribed to NYTA.

Levels and Grades

- Preschool Level (Mazhalai)

- Grade one level; Grade two-level; Grade three-level; Grade fourth level; Grade fifth level

- Grade sixth level; Grade seventh level; Grade eighth level

- Grade ninth level; Grade tenth level; Grade eleventh level; Grade twelfth level


Rules & Regulations

Teachers record the attendance of the students. Classes typically last 1½ hours to 2 hours on an average and cover the previous week's homework, teaching the current chapter and assigning the homework.

Class participation from students is highly encouraged by way of asking questions that need clarification and sharing the students' own experiences. Conversation in Tamil while in the class is highly encouraged, as that would improve the children's talking skills.

Students are expected to be in class no earlier than 5 minutes before the class and no later than 10 minutes after the start of the class.

Students should not use any items kept in the classrooms rented out (including textbooks, calculators, notebooks, pencils, erasers or other items). Violation of this rule will lead to the cancellation of the permit to conduct class by the tenants. Please make sure your child understands and follows the rule.

The classes are conducted by volunteers. Homework plays a great role in learning the Tamil language for your child. Please pay attention and follow the instructions in the email that will be sent by class teachers on the weekly basis to complete the homework. Homework and Attendance carries weightage for the final level grade.


The pre-requisite for any new student shall depend on each student's capability of speaking, reading and writing at the time of joining. For the Mazhalai level, the kids aged from 5 and above will be admitted. For other levels, the students must pass from the previous level with the average grade of E and above. Any students come from other states or from other schools, will be evaluated by the teachers in the form of evaluation test or oral examinations at the start of the academic year. Based on the teacher's recommendation, the student will be enrolled into the appropriate level.

Tuition Fee

To cover the costs of school/facility rental, cost of text books, exercise/work books from American Tamil Academy, we charge a nominal yearly fee per student for the entire academic year which is due at the time of registration. Please make this fee payable to "New York Tamil Academy".

Text Books & Materials

NYTA follows the syllabus prescribed by the American Tamil Academy. ATA provides study material for the students according to the grade level. The material include - Textbook, Homework book. These books will be used right from the first class and contain Homework sections for every class.


Please contact one of the organizers or click the button to reach us.